Hey Friends!! Mallory here! An interior designer with a profound love of traveling.

Welcome to my corner of the web! I'm glad you stopped by! Where to start? I must admit, I've wandered a bunch.  I've wandered in the career life and have worn many hats; from dental assistant, to student, to model, to travel agent turned interior designer.  It has taken me while to figure out exactly where I wanted to end up career wise in life, but I think that is due to the fact that I am just an extremely passionate person (in a lot of different areas). When I'm not busy working you can usually find me outdoors in the mountains hiking, or digging through antique stores and estate sales. I always have to be creating and love traveling and getting inspiration through nature and different cultures.

Wanderin' Soles is a collection of all my wanderings and the inspiration I get from different parts of this beautiful world to incorporate into my interior designs and home decor line, Wanderin’ Home.





Excuses of not having enough time or money often drove me away from the thought of actually getting to see the cool places that are on my bucket list. Until one day I decided to stop making excuses and just go!! Through trial and error I have figured out a way to have the most fun, and get the most out of my trips the most affordable way, and it works really well for me!! Since my first international trip to Europe in 2011, I worked hard and made a bucket list of places I wanted to see before I die. In 2015 I began crossing those places off one at a time.

Flash forward down the road and I was grateful enough to land a job as a Travel Agent and learn the ins and outs to what makes a great agent and to learn even more about the travel industry. The travel bug is a real thing my friends, and I think everyone should travel as often as possible and not have to break their bank. I truly believe that experience is more important that expense. So, let me be your guide (or guiniea pig rather) in affordable traveling! 




I was strong enough to move my bedroom furniture to redesign my bedroom growing up. Then when I was old enough for college I attended Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach, California and finished my Bachelor's degree at Weber State University. With a divided love for the mountains and the beach, I gather my design inspiration by immersing myself in both climates.  And my color and decor inspiration by traveling all over the world. I love the challenge of combining costal and rustic into a beautiful transitional, modern, contemporary, or eclectic space.



Back in 2013...

all that was on my mind was getting over a break up by filling my time up with decorating my college apartment with cheap and thrifted furniture; but let's take a second and go back even further....

Ever since I can remember I was rearranging my room every month or doing some sort of arts & crafts thing. I grew up taking sewing lessons (which is still a favorite past time) and in a family that is heavily influenced in Interior Design- so I like to think it is just in my blood.  I love looking at something and figuring out how to recreate it, or make it better, or give it new life. As I grew up my budget couldn't quite afford the nice furniture or fashion designs and trends I was seeing (probably due to all my traveling) so I learned how to do all sorts of hacks. You know the saying "Monkey see, monkey do"?? Well, consider me the monkey. My passion continued into an education where I obtained an A.A. in Art and Design from Utah Valley University and a B.S. in Interior Design fromWeber State University.

From arts and crafts, fashion, sewing projects, and home decor-- this Do It Yourself Blog has anything your heart could desire when it comes to getting crafty!

So, that is basically me, in a nut shell! If you haven't gathered by now; I'm a bit of a wandering soul. If my stack of certificates I've earned over the years from trade schools to degrees from Universities wasn't telling enough, then I'm sure my blog is! Stay awhile and get inspired in one way or another- diy projects, interior design, or traveling! Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, Mally