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It all started when...

back in 2013 when all that was on my mind was getting over a break up by filling my time up with decorating my college apartment for cheap with thrifted furniture; but let's take a second and go back even further...

Ever since I can remember I was rearranging my room every month or doing some sort of arts & crafts thing. I grew up taking sewing lessons (which is still a favorite past time) and in a family that is heavily influenced in Interior Design- so I like to think it is just in my blood.  I love looking at something and figuring out how to recreate it, or make it better, or give it new life. As I grew up my budget couldn't quite afford the nice furniture or fashion designs and trends I was seeing (probably due to all my traveling) so I learned how to do all sorts of hacks. You know the saying "Monkey see, monkey do"?? Well, consider me the monkey. My passion continued into an education where I studied Interior Design as well as Art and Visual Design and Communications at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah.

So go ahead--read on, get inspired and get ready to get your craft on!!