DIY:: Burning Wood

I originally saw this burning wood look at a friend's office and decided I wanted to go it myself. I didn't want to spend tons of money on thick wood so I opted for the 5 gallon stirring sticks at Walmart. I bought 50 of them for $14.

At first I was going to recover my desk with it, but didn't like how it ended up looking, so I decided to opt for recovering my coffee table instead.

Let's get started!

Materials Needed:



*Protective eyewear

*Butane torch

*Wood Glue

Step 1:

Cut your wood in several different sizes. (I first cut off all the handles of the stir sticks, I would suggest doing the same if you decided to go with the stir sticks.)

Yes I know, I'm naughty for not wearing protective eye wear (hence my eyes being closed while cutting). DON'T FOLLOW MY EXAMPLE!

Step 2:

Light your butane torch and just start burning the edges. I did it outside and it was quite fun- especially to see the different designs in the wood. It was kind of like painting. The best part is there is no rhyme or reason to burning. Just go with the flow! 

 Oh and did I mention it smells so good (If you like the smell of burning wood)

Step 3:

Here's your finished product! No go find something to cover by using wood glue and gluing it down!

Make sure to send me your pictures of your burnt wood project! I'd LOVE to see it!

For more fun wood diy projects, check out Top Reveal's awesome article here for 17 DIY wood projects!

DIY:: Runner table

I love when I find random pieces of wood at the Restore for dirt cheap. I wanted to make a cute runner's table for an entry way and decided this once shoe rack (I'm assuming) would do just the trick. I also found some fun banisters for the legs! Overall I'm pretty stoked with how it turned out. I got everything at the Habitat for Humanities ReStore in Orem which costed me a total of $17.50 (including the hardware and paint)

Let's get started!

Materials Needed:

*2 wood planks

*4 legs (I used banisters)






*Connecting Brackets ("L" Shaped ones and regular flat ones)


*Paint Brush

Step 1:

Place the planks of wood next together and connect them using fastening brackets and screws.

Once you're done, it should look like this.

Step 2:

Sand to get any shine off and to make smooth.

Step 3:

Stain and/or Paint your wood including the legs.

(I decided to stain it with a coffee colored stain then add a little plum paint to give it a rich black cherry color)

Let Dry.

Step 4:

           Attach the legs to your wood using the "L" shaped brackets, 

decorate and ENJOY!

(For a fun alternative, try painting the carved design on the wood legs a metallic color  like shown on the above left leg. As you can see it gives it a little more flare and charm! Now I'm off to paint the other 3 legs!)


Old vintage maps are a really cool way to decorate your walls and are becoming more and more popular. If done right, you can have an amazing map to display in your home for a fraction of the cost.  Here are some design ideas.

Maps To Buy:

Restoration Hardware 

L'Isle's 1720 World Map


Restoration Hardware 

1588 World Map


Materials Needed:









*Glue Stick


I have a friend who is from New York who asked me to redo his room with a Victorian style theme. Luckily I was able to find a 1800's Victorian map of Long Island to hang over his bed. I thought this would be a fun surprise for him and add some flavor to his room.

How To:

Step 1:

Pick a map or any picture you want to enlarge and save it to your desktop.Make sure you save the biggest copy you can because you are going to blow it up. The bigger it gets the more blurry it will get. {I used google search to find pictures of maps}

Step 2:

View picture using Paint!

Step 3:

Time to set up the printer:

File----->Page Setup----> Orientation: 




 ___ by ___ pages. {This is where you have to decide how big you want your picture to be.}

Step 4:


Step 5:

Lay it out on the floor to make sure you like how it looks. If you do then cut out all the white trim around the paper and glue/tape together on the back side if you want it one big picture. If not then skip the taping part and put each page in frames.

Step 6:

Frame and Hang!

TOTAL DIY PRICE: $5-15 depending on the frame you buy! :)

DIY:: Pillow Case Tutorial

Guys, here is another SUPER easy tutorial and a fun gift idea. It literally takes 10 minutes and costs a few bucks.

Materials Needed:

*1 yard of fabric (you will have leftovers, but let's play it safe)




*Sewing Machine

* Thread


Step 1:

Lay your fabric flat with right sides facing in. Measure the length you will need with an existing pillowcase. Make sure to leave 1 inch extra fabric on the bottom seam and one side seam. Leave 5 inches on the other side.

Step 2:

Pin together and sew together one side and the long bottom. Make sure you surge or zig zag after to reinforce the stitch. 

On the length wise stitch, stop your stitch about 5 inches from the top. Turn the pillowcase right side out and sew together the remaining 5 inches.

Step 3:

Keeping the pillowcase right side out, fold and press a hem about 1 inch.

Then fold and press again so now your hem is 1/2 inch (making sure you are tucking the fabric under.)

Step 4:

Decide how big you want your casing piece and fold over. Press flat and Pin (I did mine to be about 4 inches)

Step 5:

Sew 2 Straight seams as close to the edge of the fabric as possible.

Step 6:

Good work! Now go take a nap! :)

DIY:: "Darling, I love you...." canvas print

If any of you have been in my favorite store

Alice Lane

you have probably seen this art work and fell instantly in love just like I did! If you haven't then you probably saw it pinned on


and fell instantly in love with it there.   And if you have been living under a rock and haven't seen until now, I'm sure you just instantly fell in love with it. 

When I saw this at Alice Lane I knew I wanted it in my house. It would also be great at a gift! So I meandered over to the price tag and it is $400!!! It was right then I decided I would be making it.

 Original can be found and purchased 





So let's get started!

Materials Needed:

*2 stretched canvas found at 

Hobby Lobby




*Paint brush

*Black acrylic paint

Guys this is so easy! Just grab your supplies and paint away! I decided to add a little black to my edges to give it more character. This would be a great gift for someone you love and takes 5 minutes!

FEATURED:: Lunch Pails and Lipstick

Hey guys! Hope all is going well!

Today my waxed denim tutorial is being featured on the amazing Lunch Pails and Lipstick blog. It is a super cute fashion, fitness, lifestyle blog that is my FAVORITE to read. Go stop by and I promise you will be addicted!

Thanks for all my supporters for checking out my tutorials and thanks to the fabulous ladies at Lunch Pails and Lipstick for featuring my tutorial!

Happy Thursday!

DIY:: Dying clothes {colored denim}

Got some grungy white shirts? Or grungy white pants?? Don't throw them away just yet!

I've never been one for bleaching my whites- maybe because my clothes always smell like bleach for the rest of their lives. I'm also a poor college student so buying oxy clean isn't at the top of my shopping list. So, by the end of each summer season my whites have seen better days.

However with trends always changing and having a bunch of (what used to be) white jeans after each summer season, I have started to have quite the collection of colored denim due to DYING my whites. So next time you have a pair of grungy white jeans or maybe a grungy white shirt or a stain that you just can't get out.. think twice before you throw it out!

I prefer


, in the liquid form. You can get it at any walmart, target, or craft store. However if you go on their website you can order every color imaginable! They even have a

color chart

that tells you what dyes to mix together to get a certain color... LOVE THIS because they do the research and homework for you!!

I personally prefer to dye my clothes in a bin/bucket instead of in the sink or washing machine. But that is just my preference. To achieve dying, just follow the directions on the box/bottle. Remember the length of time they are in the dye determines how vivid the color will be. So the longer they are left in the dye the darker/ more vivid they will end up.

{note: depending of the content of thread used, sometimes it might not dye. In this case you can leave it white OR color it with appropriate colored marker. I have found so far that my h&m, gap, and target jeans worked fine. However Forever 21 thread will stay white like the yellow pants.}


I used dark green for these white pants. I wasn't really too fond of the color they turned out so I scrunched them up and filled a spray bottle with bleach, then sprayed  the bleach on pants.

Step 1:

Dye your white pants desired color and let dry.

Step 2:

Putting pants in a well ventilated room (bathroom with a fan) lay them flat and scrunch them however you want. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Just scrunch them!

Step 3:

Fill a spray bottle full of bleach and spray a light coat of bleach onto your pants.

Step 4:

Watch your pants carefully because they will start changing instantly.

Step 5:

Continue to spray bleach until you get the desired look you want.

Step 6:

Once you have your desired look, rinse your pants in cold water (this is why I do it in the bath tub... easy clean up)

Step 7:

Wash your pants alone.

Step 8:

Rock them! I liked wearing these with a graphic tee and a blazer. 

  I actually eventually sold these puppies!(look at that! Something I would have just thrown away, I ended up making a couple extra bucks!) 

DIY:: Tuxedo Stripe Pants

Today I present to you.... The tuxedo stripe pant.

This style of pants is a great way to dress up a more casual outfit and a bonus- it gives your leg a longer look to it!

Old Navy Tuxedo Stripe Jeans



This DIY is a super simple {and super affordable} way to try out this trend without fully committing to it....


you're feeling brave and want to go the extremely easy route that will leave your pants permanently striped that is an option too! I'll explain both.

 Materials Needed:



*sewing machine/matching thread



glue OR 

Iron on Adhesive

 {this is the easiest way, however it is permanent}



PERMANENT {gluing}:

Step 1:

Lay your pants flat with the side of the pants facing up. Measure your ribbon to the length of your pants leaving 1" extra on both ends. Also measure your tape the exact length of your pants.{skip this step if you are gluing}

Step 2:

Lay your iron on tape onto the back side (non shiny) of your ribbon with the paper side facing up. Iron this on.

Step 3:

Peel off paper side of your iron on tape and place ribbon onto the side of your pants. Iron onto your pant working your way down the leg of the pant.


Apply glue onto the back of ribbon {in small sections} and glue your ribbon onto your pants working your way down the leg of the pant.  On both the top and bottom ends fold over and glue to inside of the pant.

Step 4:

On both the top and bottom ends fold over and glue to inside of the pant.

IF GLUING: allow glue to dry for 45 minutes.

Step 5:

Strut Your Stuff!

TEMPORARY {sewing}:

Step 1:

Lay your pants flat with the side of the jeans facing up.

Step 2:

Measure your ribbon to the length of your pants leaving 1" extra on both ends.

Step 3:

Pin your ribbon onto your pants and sew along each side. You may choose to use a straight stitch or a zig-zag stitch works as well.

{if your jeans are skinny you might find this a little difficult towards the bottom of the jean. No worries! Starting from the top of your jeans, sew as far down as you can. Reinforce your stitch and then start from the foot opening of the leg working your way to the previous stitch.

Do this to both sides of the ribbon and both sides of the jeans.

Step 4:

Strut Your Stuff!

Step 5:

When you get sick of your tuxedo stripe, just unpick it and you have your old pants back!

DIY:: Disney Costumes {Mary Poppins and Bert} {Lilo and Stitch}


There are several things I LOVE in this world and today I am going to share two.


........... dressing up


............. all things Disney

I absolutely love dressing up.... I don't know why it is, but being able to transform into someone else for a night is so much fun for me!This year has by far been my favorite outfits yet!

Lately I have been so extremely busy with working full time and going to school full time that I didn't have much time to fully make my costume as I have been able to in the past.  However I am extremely pleased with how well my costumes turned out thanks to frequenting Saver's!

Well, it is now November 1st which means we made it through another Halloween! I hope you all had a supercalifradulisticexpialidocious holiday with your ohana as I did mine.









Parrot Umbrella:

Materials Needed:

*Black Umbrella (cane handle or straight handle... I used a cane handle)

*Tin foil

*Paper towels or news paper

*Flour, water, and bowl

*Paint (black, white, green, blue, yellow)

*Paint brushes

*Mod Podge (I used matte)

How To:

Step 1:

Cover handle in tin foil molding it into a bird head.

Step 2:

Mix flour and water in a bowl to form a liquid paste (paper mache)

Step 3:

Dip paper towel/newspaper into paper mache paste and cover tinfoil. Let dry over night.

Step 4:

Paint parrot head. Let dry.

Step 5:

Cover in a layer of mod podge. Let dry.



Step 1:

Find a hat that is the right size and similar shape, we will modify the top to be flat later.

Step 2:

Remove anything that may be on the hat and paint/spray paint black (if it isn't black already).  Also push the top of the hat in to make it flat and let it dry.

Step 3:

Using flowers and Christmas ornaments purchased from the dollar store glue them on using a hot glue gun.


Chimney Sweep:

 Materials Needed:

*Broom (get it from the dollar store)

*Black pole/stick (we used Rob's Lacrosse stick, but you could just use the broom stick)

*Black Spray Paint

*1/2 Circle Styrofoam 

*Hot Glue Gun

How To:

Step 1:

Pull out bristles from broom 

Step 2:

Straighten bristles (they will be folded in half).

Step 3:

Insert bristles into your foam and secure with hot glue.

Step 4:

Insert pole into bottom of foam and spray paint everything and let dry.




 Materials Needed:

*Red Dress (I found mine at savers- and actually took it in a foot!) BUT If you want to make one, buy red fabric and use 

this tutorial

 to sew it!

*White Felt



*Sewing Machine or Glue (fabric or hot glue works best)

*Ben Nye Stage make up for that Hawaiian bronzed skin found 



*Brown contacts (If you don't have brown eyes) I got mine 



*Flower (using 

this template

, cut out your flowers from your felt fabric and sew/glue onto your dress.)




STITCH Materials Needed:

*Manic Panic Rockability Blue Hair Dye found 


. Follow directions on bottle

*Towell (dye will stain anything it touches so don't use a good one!)

*Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

*Garbage Bag




Left to right: Katy Perry (California Gurls), Gilly from SNL, Nerdy Katy Perry (T.G.I.F), Mime, Nerd

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  It is something that I think about all year to figure out what costume I'm going to make! Here are some of my favorites that I've made in the past, hopefully they will give you guys some last minute ideas. Oh! and stay tuned to see what I am going to be this year!!


Materials needed:

sequin fabric


sequin elastic



fishnet tights

mary jane shoes

sewing machine

hot glue gun




Follow the dress sewing instructions found



As far as the fringe on the bottom of the dress goes just hot glue that on. 

If you want you can also glue on the gold notions that I added last year.



Materials Needed:


Fake Suede Fabric

(brown and tan)



Follow the dress sewing instructions found


, just make your sleeves a little longer.

Out of the brown fabric cut a long strip for your belt. Also cut a square out for your neck and cut a circle in the middle.

Using your glue gun, glue your colored ribbon onto it in the design you want.

Cut fringe on the bottom of the dress and the sleeves as well as the neck piece.

(of course I made Roxy an outfit... moccasins and feather included)

 Unfortunately the guy costume is much more difficult to explain..

 I would recommend using an Indian pattern.



Materials Needed:

Pleather Leggings (one in your size, the other in the largest size you can find.)


Black Belt

Black Boots

Black Poster board


Hot glue gun


Taking the larger leggings, cut right at the crotch line so it will make a tube top.

Cut a piece from the legs and attach to your shoulder.

Take another piece and sew together to make a doo-rag.



this guide

I made origami crystals out of the poster board.

Hot glue shapes onto doo-rag, shoulder, and belt.



Materials Needed:

2 White t-shirts

2 White bed Sheets

Maroon Silk fabric (yards depending how tall the guy is)

Gold fabric (1 yd)

Black fabric (1 yd)

Turquoise fabric (1/2 yd)

Hot glue gun


Gold sequin elastic

Gold string beads


Safety Pins


-Cut strips of gold fabric to make wrist cuffs and belts.

-Fasten them together with velcro

-Drape sheets over like a dress or skirt and fasten with safety pins.

-Cut black fabric into a circle for your neck and decorate how you want with gold and turquoise fabric.

Head Piece:

HIM: cut gold leaves out and glue onto elastic.

HER: cut strands of gold beads out and glue to gold sequin elastic. Cut a snake shaped head out of gold fabric and place in center of head piece.

As far as makeup goes, there is a great video tutorial by Kandee Johnson you can watch





Materials Needed:

Striped Tights

White gloves

Striped shirt


Red Neckerchief


Stage Make up


KATY PERRY (Candyland)

Materials Needed:

Pastel colored Fabric (1/4 yd each)


White corset


Light pink tights

Costume Jewelry


Cotton balls or batting


For the skirt, follow



For the candy corset I made each one individually and then hand sewed it on, so it is hard to explain how to make each of them. I also Hand sewed on little pastel beads to give it a little more "bling".

GUEST POST:: foodapparel

While I try to play catch up and get a bunch of new projects done to post for you all, I am grateful and excited to have my very first guest bloggers this week!

Let me introduce you to food bloggers Tammy and Christina! This the fabulous duo of 


 are sister-in-laws who have a passion for all things yummy! Their recipes are delicious, and their pictures make your mouth water!!

So have some DIY fun in the kitchen this weekend and warm your insides up with this yummy soup!


Pasta e Fagioli at

As the days get a little colder and colder, time to start pulling out the jackets and boots. I'll be honest. I kinda love Fall clothing. There are just so many possibilities.

And as we start dressing a little bit warmer, what more appropriate way to match it in the kitchen scene than with soup! Oh yes, soup, and more soup to come. Let's just say there will be a lot of soup coming your way soon because well, it's kinda delicious.

This Pasta e Fagioli will do the trick on any day where you need something that's gonna fill the belly, but not take a ton of time or effort.

Pasta e Fagioli literally means pasta and beans, and is traditionally a meatless Italian soup. But honestly, I love throwing some turkey sausage into the mix to give it a nice hearty finish (you could also do pork sausage or pancetta). And don't forget to make a batch of this 

Parmesan Pull Apart Bread

 on the side. Well, make that two batches, because, believe me, you'll be fighting over the last of it!

Give this soup a try and you'll soon find it a regular part of your Fall/Winter lineup, no doubt.

Pasta e Fagioli at

Pasta e Fagioli: Classic Style

Recipe Type: Soup

Author: Tammy Blankenship

Prep time: 20 mins

Cook time: 1 hour

Total time: 1 hour 20 mins

Serves: 10 servings


  • 1 pound (16 ounces) turkey sausage
  • 1 medium onion, finely chopped
  • 4 carrots, thinly sliced
  • 4 stalks celery, thinly sliced
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 can (28 ounces) diced tomatoes
  • 1 can (about 15 ounces) red kidney beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 can (about 15 ounces) cannellini beans, drained and rinsed
  • 6-8 cups reduced-sodium beef broth (depending on how much liquid you would like)
  • 1 can (28 ounces) tomato sauce
  • 2 teaspoons dried parsley
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried basil
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2/3 cup small dry pasta


  1. Place sausage in a large stockpot and brown over medium heat, crumbling as it cooks.
  2. Once the sausage is lightly browned add onion, carrots, celery and garlic until vegetables are al dente, 8-10 minutes.
  3. Add the can of diced tomatoes with juice, the beans, beef broth and tomato sauce to the pot.
  4. Add in all of the seasonings, stir well, and increase the heat to high and bring to a boil.
  5. Once boiling, reduce the heat to low, cover and simmer at least 30 minutes.
  6. Add the dry pasta and continue to simmer on low for another 20 minutes.
  7. Serve.


[b]Change it Up:[/b][br]Substitute pork sausage or pancetta for the turkey sausage.[br]Adjust the amount of beef broth to your preference for a thinner or a heartier soup.[br][b]Dress it Down:[/b][br]Eliminate the meat for a more traditional version

-Tam at Food Apparel

DIY:: {Aztec/Geometric} Tunic

Ok, you guys are going to 


 at how easy this tutorial is!

Aztec and other geometric prints on clothing are EVERYWHERE these days! I decided it was time to add this fun trend to my closet!!

 So the other day 


 was having an amazing sale and coupons galore! I decided to stop in and see if I could find anything great. Well I found this geometric/Aztec printed knit. It wasn't on sale, but I had a 60% off coupon! SCORE!I got 2 yards of it because I loved it so much and to make sure I had enough fabric for my project.

 Pattern inspiration:








I decided to go for a high-low tunic. Something comfy but cute that I could dress up or down. And this knit is perfect because it is actually really warm, yet breathable!

Style inspiration:

Free People Tunic


Materials Needed:

*Fabric {I got 2 yards just to be safe.}

*Sewing machine/ matching thread



*Buttons/ zipper {optional}

*Marking chalk/ marker

*1-2 hours depending on your skill level


Step 1:

Lay your fabric flat, right sides facing in, draw your pattern out or use a sweater/ shirt you like and trace. make sure to leave 1/2 inch for seam allowance.

Step 2:

Cut out pattern. Also cut out 2 sleeves {make sure you cut it out on the fold}

When cutting out your sleeves, make sure you cut it on the fold, also make sure your print will go the same way as the body of your fabric- this is a huge step when cutting and using any kind of design.

Step 3:

Sew right sides together, pin and sew the shoulder and sides of the shirt. Also sew sleeves.

Step 4:

Turn sleeve right side out. Insert it into the arm hole, pin and sew. Do this to each arm.


Step 5:

If you want a cardigan, cut a straight line right down the center of the front section of the fabric.}

Step 6:

For a "high-low" affect cut an arch out on the front panel of fabric.

Step 7:

Hem neck, sleeves, and bottom of shirt.

{if you are making an open cardigan make sure to hem the opening sides as well. If you want you can add a zipper or button holes if you want the option of it closing. This is the step to do that, then hem.}

Step 8:

ENJOY!! Pair it with some leggings and your favorite boots, maybe even a hat!

I'd love to see what you made! 

Send me

 pictures and get featured on the blog!

Want one made?? 

Contact me

 and I'd be happy to make one for you!

DIY:: Glitter Oxfords

Lately I've been seeing a lot of glitter oxfords is many various colors and ways. I decided I wanted to be daring enough to try this fashion trend... I mean they look so cute on Taylor Swift!

I wasn't quite brave enough to cover my entire shoe, but I think once I get used to them, I will. This is a super easy project! Lets get started!

Materials Needed:

*A pair of old shoes

*Paper to lay down {glitter is suuuper messy}

*Mod Podge {Matte Finish}

*Sponge brush

*Glitter of your choice

Step 1:

Cover your shoe in mod podge where you would like the glitter to be.

Step 2:

Pour glitter on top of glue and shake excess glitter off. Let dry for a couple hours.

Step 3:

Put another {thicker} layer of mod podge over the glitter. This will give it a nice seal. You can choose to stick with a matte finish or you can buy Mod Podge Glossy for a glossy look. Either way your glitter will still be shiny! Let this layer dry overnight.

Step 4:

Rock your new kicks! Remember when wearing these they are a main accessory! I'm no fashion expert, but I tend to go for more of a neutral outfit like jeans and a plain shirt to give the main focus on to the shoes.

I think these are a fun way to dress up your wardrobe, and can be used as a great accessory.  I have seen some pretty bronze and a wine berry colors that are great for the fall.

What color would you choose?


A good friend asked me to make her this fun bat hoodie (originally by Zoe Karssen) which is perfect for Halloween!

Bat Hoodie


To get this look you can screen print it by

watching my video tutorial


However, for this project I decided to switch things up and do an applique bat.

Materials Needed:




*Hoodie (Hanes at Walmart for $10)


*Sewing Machine/Matching Thread


*Pattern/ stencil {if you are screen printing}

Save and print this picture (full page size) for your pattern/ stencil.


Step 1:

Using a piece of felt cut out your bat using the pattern provided above.

Step 2:

With your hoodie laying flat, align and pin your bat onto the sweatshirt.

Step 3:

Using a regular sewing foot and a zig-zag stitch, sew felt bat onto hoodie.

Step 4:

Wear! Happy Halloween!

{Washing instructions: Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle and air dry or tumble dry on low.}

DIY:: Waxed Denim

Fall is back and do you know what that means??? WAXED DENIM

Sure it has been around all year, but for me waxed denim s




s fall.

Keep in mind that waxed denim is a fashion fad. Eventually it will probably go out of style.

While browsing Pinterest I found this


which I found interesting. 

Yes, the save definitely does save you a lot of money, but let's see if we can get it even more affordable!


Lo and behold.... 

Otter Wax

 This is the most amazing fabric wax out there. Not only that but it is pretty affordable for how much you get AND it is made right here in the United States!

With this stuff you can make anything waxed. No really ANYTHING! I'm thinking of doing it to my white converse to keep them looking so fresh and so clean clean!

Because it is wax.... that also means it is waterproof! Hooray!

Last year I bought some waxed jeans from H&M and loved them, however they have lost their wax-ie-ness so instead of buying another pair for $35+ bucks why not re-wax a pair I already have for $10!? I love this so much I might just do it to a few of my colored denim as well!

Materials Needed:


 Otter Wax

*Pair of jeans



Watch the video below to see how to do this!

{Washing Instructions: Hand wash with cool water OR Gentle wash with cold water, air dry}

REFASHION:: Denim and Thermal Jacket

This is my friend



He LOVES to DJ and loves to look good while doing it.

One of his favorite fashions is the vest/ jacket look. 

Zumiez $64.95

While looking through his closet he found some similar materials to


denim vest/jacket you can get at Zumiez and put me to work.


A couple hours later and a couple broken needles (that denim was THICK!)








{Want me to make or refashion something for you!? 

Do what Garrett did and





With school starting back up and all I figured it was time to get a real desk considering I am going to school full time this semester.  This beauty I scored at a garage sale for $15. When I purchased it the man told me it was his grandpa's desk who had it since he was little. Score- $15 for an old "vintage" desk? I'll take it!

The thing I love about old furniture is that they have good bones.

This guy was missing a knob which is a bummer since I really liked the copper knobs, but I'm sure I'll be able to put them to good use eventually.

This table also had an old school laminate top that was peeling off- that was the first thing I knew had to go.

Next I removed all the hardware and sanded the entire desk. Then I primed and painted with paint that cost me $2.50 from the mis-tint section at Lowes. I opted for some new hardware I found at the Re-Store for $6 total, used  left over contact paper I had for the white on the desktop (that way I can switch it out easier in the future). Then using some sample colors I bought for $.50 each from the Re-Store I painted the black and gold trim to match my other room furniture. Overall I'd say it was a great new face lift. And now I love my new works pace!

Total Cost including the desk: $24.50


It has been a year since I have had my rustic bedroom and I love it. So much. However with moving to a new condo and having a new room that is literally half the size of your old one-- without a closet I might add means I needed a dresser that had more than four drawers. After a long morning of garage sale hoping and finding nothing, I started on my way home disappointed and stressed. I knew exactly what I wanted and just could find it anywhere. I knew I wanted something that had at least 6 drawers, more would be better. And I also knew that I wanted something that wasn't super tall. I wanted it to be of multiple uses. A dresser for me now..... and an entertainment center later when I get married. I wanted something that had character and was different. 

BEHOLD, a block down the street on my way home I spotted it at a tiny garage sale. I checked it out and asked the cute ladies how much, when they said


I knew the garage sale hunting Gods were giving me a break. 

When I got this piece back home it was pretty dirty and several knobs were missing. I sat on it for a while (not literally) deciding what to do with it. One of my favorite color combos are black and white. I have always hoped to have a kitchen like it. The contrast between the two make a piece look sharper and I knew I wanted my room to be more retro glam with my base colors as black and white then accessorizing with pops of color, mixed metals, and thrifted mirrors. 

Like this look? Recreate it yourself!

Materials Needed:



Paint brush

Valspar Spray Paint (don't go cheap on your paint. This stuff is AMAZING! it even smells great!)


Paint (you can buy a "tester" sized can from Walmart for $3)

Knobs (I got mine from the ReStore which means I spent $8 on 9 knobs!)


Painters Tape

Butcher Paper

Screw driver

How To Do It!

Step 1:

Wipe furniture clean.

Step 2:

Remove drawers and the hardware on them

Step 3:

Sand. 99% of the time you should ALWAYS sand your furniture before you paint it. I however decided to just sand the top of the dresser and left the drawers untouched because they didn't have much gloss on them. 

Step 4:

After you sand, make sure to wipe clean with a wet or dry washcloth to remove any extra dust.

Step 5:

Lay down your butcher paper (or spray it on dirt like I did).

Spray your dresser and drawers. {make sure you spray your light color first!!}

Repeat this 3 times. 

Let Dry.

Step 6:

Paint top of dresser.

I did one coat of black spray paint/primer as a base coat, then used black satin paint to go over the top for a more smooth finish.

Let it dry.

Step 7:

Install hardware on drawers and place drawers in dresser.

Step 8:

Accessorize and enjoy!

{ notice I chose not to fill the holes in from the previous hardware. This is because eventually I will find some other knobs to put on the bottom six drawers and just might need those holes. However if you for sure aren't going to use them. Go ahead and fill them in with caulking and sand down to make smooth BEFORE you paint.}

I'd LOVE to see you're garage sale make overs. Send me a picture at 


Post it to instagram with the hash-tag #makeitwithmal


Well summer is officially over and it is back to school. For those who attend or are fans of BYU or Yale and are looking to show your school pride, H&M just happens to have this 

"Y" Sweater

 in the appropriate color for $24.99

Or you can make one for $6-$9


Mens 4XL Hanes sweater from Walmart



Xacto knife

Navy Ink



Sewing Machine



Zipper {optional}

Here's how to do it!



 to watch a video tutorial on how to screen print.

Step 1:

Draw your design {2 "Y"s or letter of choice} on a sheet of paper.

{I used a legal sized piece of paper for this project so my letter could be bigger}

Step 2:

Using and xacto knife and a cutting board of some sort to protect your counter surface carefully cut out the lettering

Step 3:

Place a magazine or piece of cardboard in your shirt so the ink will not bleed

Step 4:

Place stencil onto shirt and paper around stencil so no accidental bleeding will get on the shirt

Step 5:

Place screen on top of stencil

Step 6:

Place ink at the top of the screen and squeegee downward pressing firm, continue this until desired tint has occurred on shirt. {I usually do it about 4-5 times just to be safe}

Step 7:

Remove screen and carefully remove stencil

Step 8:

Let ink dry

Step 9: 

Iron on warm over ink to set it.


Step 1:

Using a seam ripper, unpick the bottom band from the sweatshirt.

Step 2:

Cut off both sleeves on the seam. 

Step 3:

Measure how much you want to take in on the sides (I did 6 inches each side). Sew, and cut the excess fabric off.

Step 4:

MEasure the width of your new arm hole to your sleeve and alter accordingly. You will also want to cut off about 5 inches of the sleeve depending on how long your arms are.

Step 5:

Turn the sleeve right side in and pin to the arm hole. 

Once pinned, sew around the arm hole. Do this to both sides.

Step 6:

The H&M sweater is a little shorter in the front so I measured and cut an arch to make mine the same. This is optional.

Once you have it drawn out, cut a quarter of an inch under it to allow for the hem. 

 Step 7:

Pin about 1/4inch all the way around the bottom and sew, forming a hem.

Step 8:

Wash and dry your shirt (this will soften the fabric ink)


Sport it at the next home game!


Well guys, I moved to a new condo which mean redoing my room.  This time I decided to go with a different look for my room. Out with the rustic, in with the glam.

 While at TJMAXX I found a cute cake stand and thought, that would be great to display my jewelry. I'm sure I could make one for cheaper. Then I ran into a friend and she told me how she makes them all the time and that just about did me over.

 Done I'm making them.

A trip to Savers and DI to find the necessary materials I went. A few bucks later and about 2 minutes to make them and wah-la a new "glamorous" way to display my jewelry!