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Let me just put this out there before I say anything else.

I LOVE NAUTICAL, I'm talking about anything and everything nautical. My wardrobe mostly consists of stripes, reds, blues, whites. I've always had a thing for stripes. I've always had a thing for anchors and sail boats and water. I remember growing up all I wanted was to be in a Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger ad.

With that being said I saw this dress on JCrew's website a while back. And instantly fell in love-- how could you not!? I mean, LOOK AT IT!

Unfortunately I am a starving student and the $168 price tag was two months worth of groceries for me. To eat, or not to eat...? The dream of having that dress slowly disintigrated with every bite of Reese's Puffs I ate.

A month or so later I was searching to find a cute anchor dress.... I had no intent to buy- just to day dream . I searched "anchor dress" and my beloved JCREW dress popped up..... then a knock off China version popped up with a price tag of $65. That was much more doable however that was my cell phone for a month. To talk and text.... or not..... once again the dress lost.

Three weeks later I got the itch for a project.... I took out my "project to do list" and written boldly was ANCHOR DRESS.

I immediately went to Joann's and got a white lightweight cotton/poly blend and some blank stencils, navy ink and was on my way. 

1: Wash Your Fabric!!

2: trace and cut out your design into a stencil. 

3: trace and cut out your dress pattern

4: Screen print away!

5: Let it dry, then set the ink with heat

6: Sew your dress


I altered the pattern of the dress a little and made it more form fitting and modest. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

JCrew $168

DIY: $25