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Did you know if you type "Floating Deck" into google there are no tutorials on how to make one? 

Last year a dear friend jokingly asked me to make him a floating deck to launch fireworks off in Utah lake for the fourth of July.  

Disclaimer: I LOVE when people ask me to make things for them.  This was such a fun day project for me because I had to use my mind and figure out not only how to make one, but what materials would be best.

After a trip to The Home Depot I walked away with a wood board, foam board, rope, and four buckets. A few hours later I called up Ammon and we walked our floating deck to the Belmont pool and gave it a test run. I was extremely pleased to see that it actually floated. Unfortunately we didn't get to use it, but hopefully this year we will be able to!!

Total cost: $50

DIY: POTTERY BARN Inspired Mason Jar Chandelier

DIY: POTTERY BARN Inspired Mason Jar Chandelier

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