My Bedroom

I feel as if a bedroom says a lot about the person who lives in it.  It was the one place growing up where I could express myself and was often rearranging my sanctuary growing up.  I have had several people wondering what my domain looks like so I decided to post pictures for ya'll.

Everything in my room I have made or redone, the most expensive piece of furniture was my dresser which I picked up from DI for a whopping $20. Other than that, I had everything else and got all 10 pallets for free.

It is funny how times and taste, and style change.  One day I am sure I will be sick of the rustic, country look- and then I will get to redecorate my room once again! Until that happens, ENJOY!

Here was the dresser. When I bought it it was a dark, dull brown color. After sanding it down i decided to paint it grey and white to give it some new life.

My bed is made of 10 pallets. 8 on the bottom and two on top for the head board. I got these pallets from sunflower market (for free). These took a lot of time cleaning and sanding down. Then I decided to paint the bottom ones white and stain the top with a coffee colored stain. Make sure you attach the two top together and then attach them to the bottom pallets so that it wont fall over. I attached mine with "L" shaped brackets and some screws.