Hey there, I'm Mallory! An interior designer with a profound love of traveling.

Wanderin' Soles is a collection of all my wanderings and the inspiration I get from different parts of this beautiful world to incorporate into my interior designs and home decor.

Stay awhile and get inspired in one way or another- diy projects, interior design, or traveling!

Picture This

Picture This

The first thing my landlord said to me before I moved in was "No holes in the walls"


I was trying to think of a fun, creative way to display a bunch of pictures while minimizing holes in the walls so I went to DI and found a big frame for $5. I then went to Walmart and bought some spray paint, twine, and clothes pins. I went home and got to work and $11 later had a fun new wall project.

Then I realized that it just wasn't big enough for how many pictures I wanted to display.  So I bagged the idea of the frame and just went with the twine and clothes pins. Needless to say there are a bunch of little thumb tack holes in my walls now, but It was worth it.

If you do want to minimize holes in the wall, another fun idea is hanging a piece of twine and pinning pictures on it.  I decided to display pictures I've taken from places I've traveled with this method and really like the (somewhat) clean look it gives as opposed to my picture wall.

Revamped desk

Revamped desk

Quick Fix