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DIY: POTTERY BARN Inspired Mason Jar Chandelier

DIY: POTTERY BARN Inspired Mason Jar Chandelier


Every time I browse the Pottery Barn website, I can't help but think of this funny F.R.I.E.N.D.S scene.  

I like to say my style is rustic chic which in translation means I am a confused girl who is torn between her country and city lifestyles hence my love of Pottery Barn.

While browsing pottery barn a few months back I came across this gem of a chandelier.

 Awe the mason jar chandelier.... PERFECTION.

For only $399 it can be yours! 

Pottery Barn Mason Jar Chandelier


You can make one for $50 and learn something new!

This was a fun project for me to do because I got to use big girl tools like a saw and drill and nail gun (ok fine my grandpa "helped" me) and I also got to learn the very basics of electrical work and learned how to wire all the wires together!  I couldn't be more pleased with how my chandelier turned out.  It hangs a little low above my desk right now, but one day I hope to move into a house and put it in my entry way or even over a kitchen table!


As promised, here is my first picture tutorial on how to make this gem!! 

Tools needed: 

•Mason jars


Hemma Cords

(same amount as mason jars)- you can get these from Ikea, they also come in black

•light bulbs






•wire cutters

•wire strippers

•cup hooks (these come with the hema cords)


•wood stain-optional (I used the color coffee)

•old rag



•measuring tape



•nail gun

•measuring tape

•wire strippers

•electrical tape

•electrical caps

•one cute


 to help you 

•large hook to hang from ceiling

•spray paint-optional ( I used metallic silver)- gives the top of the hemma cord a more finished look

I'd love to see pictures of your Do It Yourself mason jar chandeliers! Post them on instagram, twitter, or facebook and use the hashtag "make it with mal"