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Quick Fix

When I moved into my room I decided to take the closet doors off because I knew they would always be open, thus taking up valuable space.  With a curtain rod I've been carrying around with me since I moved out of my parent's house seven years ago I finally found a way to use it!  With some twine and a staple gun I made little loops to hang my rod from. A few years back at a relative's garage sale I came across this king sized floral sheet and instantly thought of making a summer dress out of it.  I have yet to do that, but finally found a quick solution to add a little something different to my room and to hide my closet.  Once I get around to making my summer dress I am thinking of replacing this with a white sheet and possibly painting on some chevron stripes.

So if you don't want to spend money on pricey curtains (although I love browsing the curtains section at Ross); here is a quick and easy fix!

 Did I mention it makes for a fun back drop [for all those selfies, of course] as well ;)

Picture This

Picture This