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Studs are a huge thing right now, but I wonder what will come of them down the road. Either way I am loving them!! 

So let's stud away!!!

If you want not you can buy studs at Hobby Lobby or even online from Ebay and Amazon. Both have super cheap ones just be prepared to wait forever to get them!

*First, decide what clothing piece you want to stud out.... I decided to use some old cut offs that I had laying around.

*Second, you need to decide if you want your studs to be permanent or temporary. I have two different projects to show you options.

*Third, pick a design, attach, and enjoy!


Another fun and simple idea is using thumb tacks.   I bought these heel wedges from target on clearance for $10 and found some thumb tacks in my drawer and pushed them in. It gives the shoe a more edgy look. You can add as many as you want or as few! My first intention was to do the entire sole- which I might still do someday.  However getting the thumb tacks straight and pushing them in is a little more difficult than one might think. The great thing about thumb tacks are once you're past your "edgy" look just remove them and you're back to your original shoe!


Fore more of a permanent thing you are going to want a flat back stud. That way you can permanently glue them onto your clothing of choice! I prefer to use these gold flat back studs at Joann's. They come in a long strand and you just cut in between them to get individual pieces. Then make sure to use E6000 glue for a good bond or you can get iron on flat back studs, and you're good to go!

Quick Fix

DIY: POTTERY BARN Inspired Mason Jar Chandelier

DIY: POTTERY BARN Inspired Mason Jar Chandelier