By now I'm sure it is no secret that the




 is my absolute favorite holiday.  I love everything about it.  The warmth, the unity, the family barbecues, the friends, the warm nights, the colors, the parades, the fireworks, the American pride.... need I go on??

 Yes, I have been changing my outfit twice a day to wear all my "American" attire.  I've been listening to the patriotic station on Pandora, and yes, I am totally one of those girls who would LOVE to have an America themed wedding..... 

I'm Proud to be an American! And I'm so grateful for those who have fought and are still fighting for our country. We are seriously so blessed to live in this country and have the freedom that we have.

With that being said, lets get to some fun, quick, and easy fourth of July projects you can do in preparation for this Thursday.

Lately I've really liked dying things (I'll post a tutorial on that later); however spray paint is so quick and relatively easy that I've opted for that for all of these projects!!

 {I think I forgot to mention this last time in my spray paint tutorial, however once your design is dried you can wash it in the washing machine and it will be a lot softer. Also you will notice the mixture of the fabric and spray paint will cause the fabric to ball up- just grab a razor and shave it off like you would the hair on your legs to remove the roughness.}


*Spray paint- honestly I go with the cheap stuff from Walmart at $1.62 a can

*Disposable gloves

*Freezer paper- regular paper works too, just wont give you a clean edge like fabric paper



*Xacto knife- to cut out your design and make a "stencil"

*Fabric or article of clothing


I know ya'll have seen this sweatshirt on Pinterest because it is always being pinned and re-pinned. 

If you would like you can get it


 for $49.99 however you wont get it until July 5th.


If you have some spare time (approx 30min-1hr) you can make your own for a whopping $9!


*Hanes white hoodie, Walmart $5

*Red and Blue Spray paint, Walmart $4


When I first saw this shirt a few years back on the

Urban Outfitters

 website, I knew I needed to have it.... and so did everyone else. It was sold out before I even discovered it. 


So... naturally, I made one. 

A few weeks ago I accidentally washed my cherry chapstick with all my whites... This shirt got the most of it and came out with pink spots everywhere. Instead of throwing it away I figured I'd make a new flag shirt out of it.

Actually this is my 2nd time making this shirt.  It was my 4th of July shirt a few years back and somehow got lost between the move from Wisconsin to Arizona. Fortunately for me it is easy to replace!


Or if you don't have the supplies...

Tshirt: $5 (from Target)

Glow in the dark stars:$3 (from Walmart)

Spray paint: $4 (both colors from Walmart)

Tape$1 (dollar store)


This was a last minute idea I came up with that I like to call

"tongue inserts"

Basically I took two pieces of fabric and cut them into the same shape as the tongue of my shoes. I drew my design on it (patriotic of course) and then colored it with markers. Then I inserted them and it was like I had a whole new pair of shoes! You can lightly sew these in so they stay in place or tape them, but it isn't totally necessary because the laces hold it in place pretty well. Once you get sick of your design just pull them out and you're back to your original converse!



Remember how flag shorts are all the rage?

Yep, made some of those too.

I got my shorts on sale from 


 last year on sale for around $6, but you could always take a pair of old jeans and cut them.



This was an on the whim project and is geared more towards the sewers out there.  I found this adorable fabric and thought it would make a cute shirt. I took a shirt I already had and liked the fit of and traced it onto my fabric. a few seams later and a pocket and I'm ready to sail away!



I would love to see your creations! Upload a picture on Instagram with the hash tag #makeitwithmal and send me an


 and you could be featured on the blog as well as get a free shirt of your choice made by yours truly!