Quite a while back I saw the most beautiful purple leather purse.  Unfortunately it is not for sale anywhere, however when I saw it I loved it and knew I had to have it.



price tag made my wallet say otherwise.

So naturally I made one. Not out of leather, but out of a purple denim type of fabric. I changed a few things like the hardware on it which is all removable! I made a cross body strap and attached it with overall fasteners. The strap its self has batting in it to keep it comfortable while wearing it once the purse is filled up. It has 3 main compartments with the middle one having a zipper closure. Each of the other sides offer pockets for cell phones and pens and whatever else and the other side has another, smaller, zipper closure. I even put a homemade tag on the inside of it. Overall I'm loving this purse and how it turned out. It is especially great for school or traveling because it holds my books and fits my laptop perfectly with plenty of extra space!

My Purse: $35

The inside: