DIY::Farm Table

 Thanks to the influences of my mother mixed with Pottery Barn there is no wonder where I get my love of country decor. 

For my mother's birthday I decided to gift her with something that she wants, but would never buy because she doesn't 



My mom's favorite thing in the world is having all of her family together. Due to hectic schedules this usually only happens once a week- for Sunday dinner. I thought what better way to showcase her amazingly delicious meals than with a great farm inspired dining room. I decided my mason jar chandelier would be great for this as well as making over the table and chairs. 

If you are dedicated, you can get this done in a day like I did. I already had all of the necessary tools other than the paint and the paint sheet so this project was super affordable.  For those of you who do not have the tools here is a list of what you will need.




Sand paper

Wood Gloss Spray

Painter sheet

Paint Brushes

I frequent the mistint section at Lowe's often and was able to find a pint of creme paint for $2.50!



(don't mind the black tape I was letting glue dry to keep the arm rest attached)