With school starting back up and all I figured it was time to get a real desk considering I am going to school full time this semester.  This beauty I scored at a garage sale for $15. When I purchased it the man told me it was his grandpa's desk who had it since he was little. Score- $15 for an old "vintage" desk? I'll take it!

The thing I love about old furniture is that they have good bones.

This guy was missing a knob which is a bummer since I really liked the copper knobs, but I'm sure I'll be able to put them to good use eventually.

This table also had an old school laminate top that was peeling off- that was the first thing I knew had to go.

Next I removed all the hardware and sanded the entire desk. Then I primed and painted with paint that cost me $2.50 from the mis-tint section at Lowes. I opted for some new hardware I found at the Re-Store for $6 total, used  left over contact paper I had for the white on the desktop (that way I can switch it out easier in the future). Then using some sample colors I bought for $.50 each from the Re-Store I painted the black and gold trim to match my other room furniture. Overall I'd say it was a great new face lift. And now I love my new works pace!

Total Cost including the desk: $24.50