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DIY: Dresser Makeover

DIY: Dresser Makeover

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It has been a year since I have had my rustic bedroom and I love it. So much. However with moving to a new condo and having a new room that is literally half the size of your old one-- without a closet I might add means I needed a dresser that had more than four drawers. After a long morning of garage sale hoping and finding nothing, I started on my way home disappointed and stressed. I knew exactly what I wanted and just could find it anywhere. I knew I wanted something that had at least 6 drawers, more would be better. And I also knew that I wanted something that wasn't super tall. I wanted it to be of multiple uses. A dresser for me now..... and an entertainment center later when I get married. I wanted something that had character and was different. 

BEHOLD, a block down the street on my way home I spotted it at a tiny garage sale. I checked it out and asked the cute ladies how much, when they said


I knew the garage sale hunting Gods were giving me a break. 

When I got this piece back home it was pretty dirty and several knobs were missing. I sat on it for a while (not literally) deciding what to do with it. One of my favorite color combos are black and white. I have always hoped to have a kitchen like it. The contrast between the two make a piece look sharper and I knew I wanted my room to be more retro glam with my base colors as black and white then accessorizing with pops of color, mixed metals, and thrifted mirrors. 

Like this look? Recreate it yourself!

Materials Needed:



Paint brush

Valspar Spray Paint (don't go cheap on your paint. This stuff is AMAZING! it even smells great!)


Paint (you can buy a "tester" sized can from Walmart for $3)

Knobs (I got mine from the ReStore which means I spent $8 on 9 knobs!)


Painters Tape

Butcher Paper

Screw driver

How To Do It!

Step 1:

Wipe furniture clean.

Step 2:

Remove drawers and the hardware on them

Step 3:

Sand. 99% of the time you should ALWAYS sand your furniture before you paint it. I however decided to just sand the top of the dresser and left the drawers untouched because they didn't have much gloss on them. 

Step 4:

After you sand, make sure to wipe clean with a wet or dry washcloth to remove any extra dust.

Step 5:

Lay down your butcher paper (or spray it on dirt like I did).

Spray your dresser and drawers. {make sure you spray your light color first!!}

Repeat this 3 times. 

Let Dry.

Step 6:

Paint top of dresser.

I did one coat of black spray paint/primer as a base coat, then used black satin paint to go over the top for a more smooth finish.

Let it dry.

Step 7:

Install hardware on drawers and place drawers in dresser.

Step 8:

Accessorize and enjoy!

{ notice I chose not to fill the holes in from the previous hardware. This is because eventually I will find some other knobs to put on the bottom six drawers and just might need those holes. However if you for sure aren't going to use them. Go ahead and fill them in with caulking and sand down to make smooth BEFORE you paint.}

I'd LOVE to see you're garage sale make overs. Send me a picture at 


Post it to instagram with the hash-tag #makeitwithmal

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