Well summer is officially over and it is back to school. For those who attend or are fans of BYU or Yale and are looking to show your school pride, H&M just happens to have this 

"Y" Sweater

 in the appropriate color for $24.99

Or you can make one for $6-$9


Mens 4XL Hanes sweater from Walmart



Xacto knife

Navy Ink



Sewing Machine



Zipper {optional}

Here's how to do it!



 to watch a video tutorial on how to screen print.

Step 1:

Draw your design {2 "Y"s or letter of choice} on a sheet of paper.

{I used a legal sized piece of paper for this project so my letter could be bigger}

Step 2:

Using and xacto knife and a cutting board of some sort to protect your counter surface carefully cut out the lettering

Step 3:

Place a magazine or piece of cardboard in your shirt so the ink will not bleed

Step 4:

Place stencil onto shirt and paper around stencil so no accidental bleeding will get on the shirt

Step 5:

Place screen on top of stencil

Step 6:

Place ink at the top of the screen and squeegee downward pressing firm, continue this until desired tint has occurred on shirt. {I usually do it about 4-5 times just to be safe}

Step 7:

Remove screen and carefully remove stencil

Step 8:

Let ink dry

Step 9: 

Iron on warm over ink to set it.


Step 1:

Using a seam ripper, unpick the bottom band from the sweatshirt.

Step 2:

Cut off both sleeves on the seam. 

Step 3:

Measure how much you want to take in on the sides (I did 6 inches each side). Sew, and cut the excess fabric off.

Step 4:

MEasure the width of your new arm hole to your sleeve and alter accordingly. You will also want to cut off about 5 inches of the sleeve depending on how long your arms are.

Step 5:

Turn the sleeve right side in and pin to the arm hole. 

Once pinned, sew around the arm hole. Do this to both sides.

Step 6:

The H&M sweater is a little shorter in the front so I measured and cut an arch to make mine the same. This is optional.

Once you have it drawn out, cut a quarter of an inch under it to allow for the hem. 

 Step 7:

Pin about 1/4inch all the way around the bottom and sew, forming a hem.

Step 8:

Wash and dry your shirt (this will soften the fabric ink)


Sport it at the next home game!