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DIY:: Glitter Oxfords

DIY:: Glitter Oxfords

Lately I've been seeing a lot of glitter oxfords is many various colors and ways. I decided I wanted to be daring enough to try this fashion trend... I mean they look so cute on Taylor Swift!

I wasn't quite brave enough to cover my entire shoe, but I think once I get used to them, I will. This is a super easy project! Lets get started!

Materials Needed:

*A pair of old shoes

*Paper to lay down {glitter is suuuper messy}

*Mod Podge {Matte Finish}

*Sponge brush

*Glitter of your choice

Step 1:

Cover your shoe in mod podge where you would like the glitter to be.

Step 2:

Pour glitter on top of glue and shake excess glitter off. Let dry for a couple hours.

Step 3:

Put another {thicker} layer of mod podge over the glitter. This will give it a nice seal. You can choose to stick with a matte finish or you can buy Mod Podge Glossy for a glossy look. Either way your glitter will still be shiny! Let this layer dry overnight.

Step 4:

Rock your new kicks! Remember when wearing these they are a main accessory! I'm no fashion expert, but I tend to go for more of a neutral outfit like jeans and a plain shirt to give the main focus on to the shoes.

I think these are a fun way to dress up your wardrobe, and can be used as a great accessory.  I have seen some pretty bronze and a wine berry colors that are great for the fall.

What color would you choose?

DIY:: {Aztec/Geometric} Tunic

DIY:: {Aztec/Geometric} Tunic