DIY:: Waxed Denim

Fall is back and do you know what that means??? WAXED DENIM

Sure it has been around all year, but for me waxed denim s




s fall.

Keep in mind that waxed denim is a fashion fad. Eventually it will probably go out of style.

While browsing Pinterest I found this


which I found interesting. 

Yes, the save definitely does save you a lot of money, but let's see if we can get it even more affordable!


Lo and behold.... 

Otter Wax

 This is the most amazing fabric wax out there. Not only that but it is pretty affordable for how much you get AND it is made right here in the United States!

With this stuff you can make anything waxed. No really ANYTHING! I'm thinking of doing it to my white converse to keep them looking so fresh and so clean clean!

Because it is wax.... that also means it is waterproof! Hooray!

Last year I bought some waxed jeans from H&M and loved them, however they have lost their wax-ie-ness so instead of buying another pair for $35+ bucks why not re-wax a pair I already have for $10!? I love this so much I might just do it to a few of my colored denim as well!

Materials Needed:


 Otter Wax

*Pair of jeans



Watch the video below to see how to do this!

{Washing Instructions: Hand wash with cool water OR Gentle wash with cold water, air dry}