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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  It is something that I think about all year to figure out what costume I'm going to make! Here are some of my favorites that I've made in the past, hopefully they will give you guys some last minute ideas. Oh! and stay tuned to see what I am going to be this year!!



Materials Needed:


Fake Suede Fabric

(brown and tan)



Follow the dress sewing instructions found here, just make your sleeves a little longer.

Out of the brown fabric cut a long strip for your belt. Also cut a square out for your neck and cut a circle in the middle.

Using your glue gun, glue your colored ribbon onto it in the design you want.

Cut fringe on the bottom of the dress and the sleeves as well as the neck piece.

(of course I made Roxy an outfit... moccasins and feather included)

 Unfortunately the guy costume is much more difficult to explain.. I would recommend using an Indian pattern found at your local fabric store. And if you have time, make sure to get feathers and make a head piece! All the left over scraps I made my maltipoo Roxy a little dress and moccasins too, but that's just because I don't have a kid yet.





DIY:: "Darling, I love you...." canvas print

DIY:: "Darling, I love you...." canvas print

FEATURED:: Lunch Pails and Lipstick

FEATURED:: Lunch Pails and Lipstick