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DIY: Katy Perry's CANDYLAND Costume

DIY: Katy Perry's CANDYLAND Costume


Who doesn't love Katy Perry?? I often get told I resemble her which is a huge compliment seeing as she is beautiful, but I honestly don't see it. Nevertheless I'll take the compliment! This was my inspiration for this year's Halloween costume.

For the costume I used a white corset I had in my costume bin and headed off to Joann's for my silky/ satin fabric to make all the fun candy creations that go on top of the corset and the skirt. I also bought some glitter, felt, and pastel beads to hand sew onto the corset for extra detailing. For the cotton candy I just used cotton balls which I lightly pulled apart to make look more fluffy.

For the wig, I headed to Amazon and found this gem which included the head band :)

For make up, she had a super glittery eye shadow which is pretty hard to find. Instead I got straight up fine grade glitter and some eyelash glue and a old make up brush and dabbed it on.

This is a fun project to tackle, because it requires your creative juices to flow!

Materials Needed:

Pastel colored Fabric (1/4 yd each)


White corset


Light pink tights

Costume Jewelry


Cotton balls or batting


For the skirt, follow



For the candy corset I made each one individually and then hand sewed it on, so it is hard to explain how to make each of them, this is where you get to be creative. I also hand sewed on little pastel beads to give it a little more "bling".

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