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DIY:: Dying clothes {colored denim}

DIY:: Dying clothes {colored denim}

Got some grungy white shirts? Or grungy white pants?? Don't throw them away just yet!

I've never been one for bleaching my whites- maybe because my clothes always smell like bleach for the rest of their lives. I'm also a poor college student so buying oxy clean isn't at the top of my shopping list. So, by the end of each summer season my whites have seen better days.

However with trends always changing and having a bunch of (what used to be) white jeans after each summer season, I have started to have quite the collection of colored denim due to DYING my whites. So next time you have a pair of grungy white jeans or maybe a grungy white shirt or a stain that you just can't get out.. think twice before you throw it out!

I prefer


, in the liquid form. You can get it at any walmart, target, or craft store. However if you go on their website you can order every color imaginable! They even have a

color chart

that tells you what dyes to mix together to get a certain color... LOVE THIS because they do the research and homework for you!!

I personally prefer to dye my clothes in a bin/bucket instead of in the sink or washing machine. But that is just my preference. To achieve dying, just follow the directions on the box/bottle. Remember the length of time they are in the dye determines how vivid the color will be. So the longer they are left in the dye the darker/ more vivid they will end up.

{note: depending of the content of thread used, sometimes it might not dye. In this case you can leave it white OR color it with appropriate colored marker. I have found so far that my h&m, gap, and target jeans worked fine. However Forever 21 thread will stay white like the yellow pants.}


I used dark green for these white pants. I wasn't really too fond of the color they turned out so I scrunched them up and filled a spray bottle with bleach, then sprayed  the bleach on pants.

Step 1:

Dye your white pants desired color and let dry.

Step 2:

Putting pants in a well ventilated room (bathroom with a fan) lay them flat and scrunch them however you want. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Just scrunch them!

Step 3:

Fill a spray bottle full of bleach and spray a light coat of bleach onto your pants.

Step 4:

Watch your pants carefully because they will start changing instantly.

Step 5:

Continue to spray bleach until you get the desired look you want.

Step 6:

Once you have your desired look, rinse your pants in cold water (this is why I do it in the bath tub... easy clean up)

Step 7:

Wash your pants alone.

Step 8:

Rock them! I liked wearing these with a graphic tee and a blazer. 

  I actually eventually sold these puppies!(look at that! Something I would have just thrown away, I ended up making a couple extra bucks!) 

FEATURED:: Lunch Pails and Lipstick

FEATURED:: Lunch Pails and Lipstick

DIY:: Tuxedo Stripe Pants

DIY:: Tuxedo Stripe Pants