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DIY: Reupholstering 101

DIY: Reupholstering 101

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When I found this old cane back barrel chair similar to the picture above (silly me for not getting a before pic!) at savers for $12, I had only wished it had a sibling. Still I couldn't pass it up with the potential it was screaming so off I went with my new chair.

Picking out this fun upholstery fabric and button covers from Joann's, a couple cans of antique white spray paint and sand paper, and more staples for my staple gun from Home Depot, it was time to create some magic!

First you're going to want to unscrew the cushions from the seat, and carefully start taking apart the chair. Now this was my first attempt at reupholstery and I found that taking pictures is the biggest thing for a beginner. Taking pictures along the way really helped me to know how to reassemble it once I had my new fabric.

Also, if your cushions need replacing (luckily mine didn’t) then you’ll want to take that into consideration for your project budget. In this case I reused my cushions and piping to cut down on material costs.

Once your piece is disassembled, use the existing fabric as a pattern for your new fabric.

For piping think of it as a hem mixed with a zipper. You want the fabric as tight and close to the piping as possible, so I suggest using a zipper foot.

These cover button kits from Joann’s are amazing and come in so many sizes with a template- they are a must if you’re wanting to do any kind of tufting. Also, make sure you pick up an upholstery needle to help get through the foam. Now, because my foam cushion didn’t need replacing I used the previous holes from the old tufting which made this a breeze!

Once your piping is covered, buttons made, and fabric cut out it is time to reassemble!! Step by step follow your pictures you took of disassembling it backwards to reassemble! Make sure you staple along the way pulling the fabric tight, just make sure you don’t pull it too tight and stretch it (this will distort the print—- especially stripes) and staple every half inch to inch.

Wa-la! You’re done and have yourself a new chair!!

My Total Costs:

Chair: $12

Fabric: $15 (1 yd)

Buttons: $3

Paint: $6

Staples: $5

Upholstery Needle: $5

Total: $46

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