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DIY: 5 Minute Under Bed Storage

DIY: 5 Minute Under Bed Storage


Have you ever noticed how freaking expensive under storage beds are…. ugh! As I child my go to hiding spot was under the bed, but now as an adult I love it for my shoes! These beds are great options for small closets and especially small rooms. Not to mention they are concealed so if you have older shoes that are on the stinkier side, they aren’t shoved in a closet with your clean clothes.

While visiting my local ReStore (yes, I’m obsessed with that place) I found some brand new drawers and figured why not save my money on the storage bed and just make nice looking storage for underneath because I just couldn’t bring myself to getting the plastic bins.

For this project you seriously need one tool. A screw driver.

I opted to go for some nicer wheels to make getting into these drawers easier from Lowe’s and kept the drawer face as is.

Screw on your castor wheels and BAM! you’re done! Honestly, It will probably take you longer to organize your shoes or whatever is going in the drawers than to put the wheels on it.

Happy organizing!

Total Cost:

Drawers: $5 total

Wheels: $10 (two sets of four)

Total: $15

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