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DIY: $300 Entire Bathroom Makeover

DIY: $300 Entire Bathroom Makeover

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Not going to lie, this was a long over due project for my parent’s house. They moved into a fixer upper and while their house is adorable now, this bathroom was last on the list and the budget was small. So we had two options…. demo and new tile, new vanity, new paint, etc etc OR paint and accessorize! $300 and 24 hours later the transformation was unbelievable!!!


Ready to transform your space!? Grab some painting helpers if you don’t want to break your wrist and lets go!!

Now if you know me, you know I am a huge fan of any rustoleum paint, and in any form. So I went with their chalked paint for this project. I also wanted our floors matte so they showed more contrast to the shiny shower and were less slippery, however you can also do a satin finish if you prefer a little more shine (which will hide imperfections a bit better too!)

Shopping list:

Rustoleum Linen Chalked Paint (if this is your main color, buy at least two depending on the size of your space!)

Rustoleum Charcoal Chalked Paint

Rustoleum Matte Clear Coat (we did our floors matte)

Rustoleum Polyurethane Satin Top Coat (for a more forgiving and shiny look)

Foam/Sponge Rollers and Tray (grab an extra tray or two or three from your local dollar store!!)

Rustoleum Tub and Tile Kit (although we used chalk paint in the shower surround and an industrial strength epoxy for the top coat because we had extra lying around, I have full confidence in this kit and it’s rave reviews and intend to try it out for our next shower make over!)

Chalk Paint Brush (only needed if you’re painting a vanity, but not necessary! we used regular brushes and foam brushes for everything but the vanity!)

60 grit Corse Sandpaper (my favorite brand)

Palm Sander (trust me it is worth the tiny investment!)

Painters Tape (going cheap isn’t worth it, trust me!)

Shiplap (so easy to install!!)

Brad Nailer (worth the investment if you plan on building more things in the future!)

Drop Cloth (only necessary if your painting in your shower)


Now that you have all your tools you’re ready to tackle this project!

First you will want to clear everything out and give the bathroom a good cleaning.

Now that it is prepped it is time to sand away!!! Keep in mind anything you want to paint that is a hard surface (ie tile) you will want to sand to make it rough. This is like when you get your nails done and they use the nail file. It gives a good rough surface for the chalk paint to stick to.

Once you are done sanding you will want to clean and wipe down again! Remember the prep work is just as important as the actual painting!

Now you’re ready to tape and paint! Remember to start with the area farthest away from the door and work your way out so you don’t get trapped in! In our case I started with the shower then painted my walls then the floor and lastly the vanity once the floors were dry. For painting make sure to use the foam rollers in your pack once you do your edges with a brush. This is so it doesn’t show streaks but gives your tiles just enough texture.

Take your time with the paint, however because it is chalk paint it shouldn’t take much to cover everything up, we did two coats of everything. While you’re painting the shower, have your helpers paint the mirror and tackle the shiplap to get things moving along faster! This will include cutting, measuring, nailing, calking, and painting.

Then let the shower dry while you work on the floor!

56764062824__5D929ADD-9C3E-48BB-B048-EFAC04FBC27D 2.jpg

Once you move to your floors, if you aren’t doing a stencil the trick to tackling this difficult (trust me getting crisp straight lines is more difficult than using a stencil) is to paint your light color FIRST. Both coats. THEN tape off where you want your lines to be and paint your second color. This is why it is important to use the good tape, if not you will be kneeling on the ground with a tiny sponge brush repainting every line to make them crisp til 1 in the morning…. yes, I’m unfortunately speaking from experience.

Let that dry completely before peeling off your tape! Take a break, set up more fans and let everything dry til the morning!

Next is tackling the vanity (if you decide to paint it). This should be done the next morning when the floor is dry. Take out the hardware, paint off anywhere you don’t want to paint. Now the best part of chalk paint and furniture is there is basically no prep work!!! other than wiping it down you’re good to paint!! Two coats and the matte top coat will do just the trick!

While your top coat is drying it is time to apply your top coat to your other surfaces! The shower and floors!

As mentioned earlier, we used and industrial strength epoxy for the shower with a high gloss and boy did it have some serious VOC stench to it! Because of this we wore masks and had to let it dry before tacking the floor so we wouldn’t loose brain cells!

Two coats of top coat to the floors with the sponge roller and the bathroom was done!! Wait 24 hours before using your bathroom and 72 if you do the shower.

Accessorize with a fun pop of color and enjoy your new bathroom!


Floating Shelves , Loop Metal Wall Hooks , Nautica Towels (found at Ross!)

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