Sin city... the entertainment capital of the world. With millions of dazzling lights both inside and out it truly is the city that never sleeps.  



Growing up spending my summers in Las Vegas with my grandparents, I never experienced the "Vegas" that everyone knows so well. All I experienced was the extreme heat. Fast forward fifteen years and I have now experienced a lot of things the city has to offer.  I love going to Las Vegas, but not for the partying until 6 am, or the booze, or even the gambling.  No I go strictly for the Thunder down under... HAHA joking! I've actually never seen it, but what I have seen are some amazing concerts, and cirque du soleil shows.  

Las Vegas is one of those vacations that remind me of groundhog's day.  It is the same vacation every time you go leaving you broke and with a headache.... but hopefully fun memories.  There is truly nothing like it and it keeps people coming back.

So I've been exploring fun things to do that will having you leave with unique memories, awesome pictures, and extra cash in your wallet.... assuming you don't loose it all playing blackjack. ;)

Here are a list of my favorites!!


The Seven Magical Mountains

Just 20 minutes south of the Las Vegas Strip is the most beautiful desert art sculptures ever created... however I may be bias due to the fact it is the only desert art sculpture I've been to.  This place consists of seven colorful boulder pillars in neon colors.  Think of a retro Stonehenge. It is free to the public.  Definitely worth the detour from the city.

The Neon Sign Museum

Ever wonder where all the old Las Vegas signs go when they die??  Well, to the sign boneyard of course! This is a guided tour that sells out rather quickly so get your tickets in advance.  It is an hour long tour taking you through all the signs and giving you some fun history by this mob started city. I'd suggest going early in the morning due to the extreme heat... remember it's even hotter when you're around all the massive metal signs!

Tickets are $15 for adults or $10 for students.  Get your tickets here. 

Gold Spike: Get ready to turn into a little kid again!  Located in the old part of the town around Fremont street aka downtown Las Vegas. The gold spike is an adult's playground.  Basically you go for the great ambience.  Think corn hole, chess, darts, pool, beer pong, and jenga all blown up huge. Surely that right there is enough to draw you in to at least check it out right? They also have mini concerts outside and a full bar and dance floor. One of my favorite spots to go to when you don't want to do the typical "Vegas" night. It is also a hotel! I've never stayed there. You'll have to let me know how it is if you do!

Container Park: A shopping center made entirely out of shipping containers!? Say no more!! This place is really rad and has such a cool concept... There is a park in the middle of it and lots of good places to eat and galleries to browse.

Fremont Street: Want to know where the best people watching in Las Vegas is??? Wonder no more.  Fremont street- located downtown- used to be the old Las Vegas strip and the city has finally given it a revamp. It is totally nice, and trendy and a fun place to hang out and see the most interesting people. Remember the cowboy sign in Honey I Blew Up Our Kid? This is where you can see him. They have turned the ceiling of the street into a huge led screen and project an awesome light show.  Feeling adventurous, go ahead and zip line down the whole street! If you have a chance, go dance the night away at the Golden Nugget.  Don't worry there isn't a dress code so come as you are.  If you're having a sweet tooth craving, try the fried twinkies or friend oreos!

Bellagio and Wynn Gardens: Often times people forget about the Wynn gardens because the Bellagio are just so amazing and well you have the dancing fountains too, but if you're up for more beautiful botanical indoor gardens don't forget to stop by the Wynn gardens as well!

Las Vegas Sign: Your Las Vegas vacation wouldn't be complete if you didn't visit the famous Las Vegas sign! Don't bother waiting in line for a picture, just cheat and go off to the side. ;)

What are your favorite cheap things to do in Las Vegas?