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Word to the wise.... if you ever get a chance to go to Costa Rica, TAKE IT! I get asked a lot where my favorite place I've traveled to has been and I would have to say Costa Rica is definitely at the top of my list! If you love adventure, being active, animals, rain, beach, surfing, and yummy food (basically everything that life has to offer) then it is time to book your next trip!

I've always wanted to experience this country and all it has to offer. now, Flying through the air 400 feet up with nothing but a cable and a harness I feel free as a bird. Below, nothing but howler monkeys, tucans, a million different bugs, plants, and the rainforest. From here just A sea of green cloud like trees much to dense to see through. But up here it's quiet and serene. With the smell of rain threatening and a cool but humid breeze I zip 2,640 feet across. Everywhere I look is a canopy. To the left is Arenal volcano and to the right a beautiful lake. How did I get here?

A 9 mile long unpaved and unbelievably pothole stricken road. It looked as if it had been hit by a thousand meteors. Playing our own version of Operation, driving on it was nothing short of skill inching ever so slightly to our destination and trying to avoid the biggest ones. If you didn't you'd feel the body jumping jolt. Did I mention Costa Rican suv's shocks are non-existent?

we reached our destination, treKking for three hours through the mud, rain, and leaves of the rainforest to our vantage point and zip our way down. Hours well worth it. Coming across suspension bridges, hidden waterfalls, vines I'm sure Tarzan swung from, and seeing ants hard at work carrying leaves up vines. Listening to birds sing their songs and monkeys playfully banter. The soundtrack of the Costa Rican rainforest is the most beautiful thing I've heard. I keep pinching myself and asking how did I get here?

For so long I've given myself excuses not to travel. Time, work, money- the type of excuses we all give. This trip was different. I wanted to see the world. I wanted to loose myself in the beautiful difference of my everyday life through travel. This time, I found a deal and left a week later. That's how my traveling now goes. When the opportunity presents itself- I see it as the universe giving you a gift, a break if you will, and you must take it. I found myself in the rainforest that day. No more excuses. No more wishing. No more some days. Today is the day. Something changed in me that day. From gliding through the air to now laying in my bed listening to the torrential downpour of rain on my tin roof. This is why I'm alive. To find myself, to be grateful for what I have, to experience the beautiful places and gems the earth is offering. So my advice to you all? Stop making excuses, spread your wings and you will soar! How did I get here? The same way you're going to get here and boy I can't wait for you to experience it!


So what is it about Costa Rica that I love so much?? Well, to put it in a nutshell, I'd have to say the pura vida lifestyle. It is very similar to the Hawaiian "HI" lifestyle.  Everyone is relaxed, friendly, laid back, and happy! So here are some highlights from the trip!



Sleeping in the middle of the rainforest in a small tin roof house is an experience to experience however, there's not much sleeping happening because of how incredibly loud the rain is! For the first part of the trip I decided to spend it wet and chilly in the rainforest. We stayed at the cutest Air BnB that was perfectly located to everything we wanted to do while still feeling secluded in the rain forest. Eduardo made sure we had everything we needed. Night hikes to see the famous tree frogs, a bazillion spider eyes glowing in our headlamp lights, ants carrying leaves up vines, howler monkeys, and yes-I even spotted the stick bug! All my I-Spy practice came to use!! What a fun, unique experience!

Now I hope you're ready for every day being packed with adventure while in the rainforest. Our first day we hiked through the canopy tree rain forest. Once to the top it was time to zip-line back down. Costa Rica is known for their zip-linning and what better place to try it out than here! 

Once you've done those fun things naturally the next adventure is going to be white water rafting where you can experience anywhere from class 1 to class 4 rapids depending on how brave you are!

After all the fun is done and you're a little worn down or maybe you're flat out exhausted it is definitely time to relax at the hot springs. We hit up two different ones while in Arenal. Tabacon Hot Springs were super relaxing and fancy and I will ALWAYS recommend it as my number one choice. If you want to be a kid and have some fun then Baldi Hot Springs is where you should be headed. Restaurants, swim up bars, massive waterfalls and water slides are here waiting for your inner child to come play!

Welcome to the Rainforest :)




After four sopping wet days, it was time to dry out and head to the beach! We decided on the touristy town of Tamarino where we surfed with the local kiddos on the best beginner rolling waves (no crocodiles here!) We shopped, sun bathed, and relaxed after our adventurous rainforest expeditions.

We opted to go a bit fancier for our beach portion and scored with the most stunning AirBnB Beach Bungalow. These bungalows sleep 4 each, are equipped with a kitchen, snacks, and air conditioning (insert praising hand emoji)! Aside from having the beach within 500 feet, downtown a 5 minute walk, and howler monkeys swinging in the trees,  Mika and Shon, the most amazing hosts ever will take care of you and make you feel like family. Towards the end of our stay my dear friend Courtney ended up getting kidney stones. This amazing couple took us to their personal family doctor, translated for us, made sure we were okay and let us stay an extra night for free, then checked in with us once we were back in the states. Seriously two scared American girls who don't speak english couldn't have been blessed more being put in the care of these amazing people. 



LAS VEGAS: motor speedway

LAS VEGAS: motor speedway