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If you've never been to Cancun, you should make it a priority to.  The turquoise blue waters, swaying palm trees, snorkeling, ruins, cenotes, and street tacos make it a complete paradise. Going with a group of 11 people proved to be way fun!

Staying at the Grand Luxxe- Vidanta Resort you really don't ever need to leave. The grounds are beautiful and they have suites big enough to sleep 11! The endless miles of jungle walkways that make you feel like you're in line for the Indiana Jones Ride at Disneyland are breathtaking and peaceful. The food is great and the different pools to swim in are awesome!

Snorkeling off Isal Mujeres does not disappoint. The ferry ride out there made me as giddy as going to Disneyland with the unbelievable turquoise waters. I just wanted to jump in!! Certainly this water has to have healing powers... The current was strong which reminded you how vulnerable you are in the ocean, but the fish were out in full force. Brightly colored fish, some speckled, some striped just going with the flow of the current.  A school of barracuda that were a little too close for comfort and the largest starfish I've seen! The water was warm and the sun was out. It was a perfect day trip!

Aside from swimming with the fish, the turtles were my favorite. We found a couple turtles, sting rays and beautiful coral in Aukmal. With the beach being one that you have to pay to go to, we felt safe leaving our belongings on the beach. In Aukmal, lifejackets are required while snorkeling which is somewhat a pain, but still worth it!

Our last day was a rainy one so we tried to out drive it and find some sun.  Wandering down dirt roads lead us to a private beach which Jeff paid off the guard to let us through the gate. The dirt road winding through thick forest we came upon the silky white sand of this private beach.  With no one in site we had it all to ourselves. As we sat there watching the torrential downpour over our resort the air was moist and the wind was perfectly blowing.  An anchored catamaran off the shore brought a group of windsurfers who were taking their engagements while catching a wave that would send them soaring into the air. Snuggled up in our Mexican blanket we sat under a thatched umbrella and watched, soaking in our surroundings. It might not have been sunny, but what a great way to end our trip.