Did you know Disney Tokyo Sea is geared mainly towards my favorite stubborn red-head mermaid?? We only had one day dedicated to Disney this trip and opted to explore Tokyo Sea. Kinda bummed I didn't get to see their castle, but I guess that means I've got to go back!

If you love Disney, then you definitely need to make a stop at Disney's Tokyo Resorts.  They Have two parks that make up Disneyland Tokyo, and with such a short trip to Tokyo, we decided to go to Disney's Tokyo Sea park because we knew it was going to be the most different of all the other parks.  We happened to go the day their Halloween holiday started so it was packed full of the most amazing halloween costumes I've ever seen.  Since this park caters to Ariel from The Little Mermaid, there were roughly 1,937,638 Ariels at the park. 

For today, I would recommend your most comfortable walking shoes, the park is massive and you'll be doing a lot of it!  I opted for my Nike training shoes. Also, bring your patience!! Not only for the rides, but also because you will get stopped a lot by cute Japanese teens asking for a picture with you.  Talk about feeling like a VIP! 

One of the many unique things about this park is the different flavored popcorn carts and seasonal flavored churros.  Make sure you walk around the entire park and try them all!! Also, don't expect to buy a lot of Mickey Mouse merchandise.  Yes, he's a big deal and all, but his teddy bear that his sweetheart Minnie Mouse gave him is a bigger deal.  If you want Duffy merchandise this is the place to get it!

So, if you have only one day to spend at the park, this is the one I would recommend and it is only 60 yen! Far cheaper than the parks in the United States.