EXPLORING MOAB'S NATIONAL PARKS: arches, monument valley, canyonlands, dead horse point




Although only living 3 hours away, I have only been to Moab twice. 

My first visit to Moab was in the middle of July which was probably the dumbest time to go, although there were still quite a few people hiking around in the 106 degree weather. We would do one hike then come back to the car and blast the AC. Once we were cooled down, we'd do it all over again. I would not recommend coming in the middle of the summer!

My second visit was over the Thanksgiving break this year and the weather was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!! The cute town was hustling and bustling with outdoor junkies and and souped up jeeps. We made it a three day weekend and hit up all the different national parks we could. 

One of the best things about Moab, other than the scenery, is all the different outdoor activities you can do! It is literally a beautifully dry, red rock heaven for any outdoor lover. From short walks to long hikes, mountain biking trails from beginners to experienced. Horse back riding, off roading, water activities, canyoneering, and even skydiving. Basically it is an outdoor, man-made Disneyland!

I am always at a loss of words for the majestic beauty Moab is, and highly recommend the visit if you have the chance. Just be prepared to get dirty! 


*delicate arch

*landscape arch

*mesa arch

*deadhorse point

*shafer's trail

*monument valley

*gemini bridges

*upheaval dome