12 hours isn't enough in the


That's right friends.... twelve whole hours. Just enough to give you a teaser taste and leave you wanting more. I didn't know much about Dubrovnik when I hopped off our cruise ship. I didn't know anything actually. As I wandered through the Old Town's stone walled streets eating my raspberry gelato ice cream cone, I hear a man off in the distance playing Ring Of Fire on his stand up bass. The vibe of tourists hustling and bustling gives this quaint town an electric feel. The smell of fish dishes filled the streets. Quaint little patio restaurants and knick-knack carts line each side.  The people are beautiful here. Olive skin, light brown hair, and soft blue eyes, wearing nautical attire, and speaking rather well english. They all have a humbleness about themselves all while carrying pride for their small country. The beautiful limestone streets with forts and cathedrals gives you a sense of safety and comfort which is why it is called the walled city.  These walls in fact were built to protect the city and it's people. The ancient feel of Old Town can't help but give you flashbacks of Game of Thrones episodes and put you back in the medieval era. Yes, is taped here and although this is one of the most popular tourist attractions Dubrovnik still feels a little like a best kept secret!

We take a mountain cable car up the Srd mountain side to the summit, and from there your breath gets taken away. From this vantage point you can see Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Lokrum Island. That's not just it thought. while walking along the yellow wildflower covered green mountains the aqua color of the Adriatic Sea next to the striking orange rooftops is pure eye candy and I can't help but sit on a stone and take a moment to admire this beautiful creation and sliver of the world. There's no wonder why it is nicknamed "The Pearl of the Adriatic". 

Twelve hours is definitely not enough in the walled city, and I will come back someday to explore even more!