LAS VEGAS: motor speedway




Las Vegas is one of those vacations that remind me of groundhog's day.  It is the same vacation every time you go leaving you broke and with a headache.... but hopefully fun memories.  There is truly nothing like it and it keeps people coming back.

Growing up spending my summers in Las Vegas with my grandparents, I never experienced the "Vegas" that everyone knows so well. All I experienced was the extreme heat. Fast forward fifteen years and I have now experienced a lot of unique things the city has to offer.  I love going to Las Vegas, but not for the partying until 6 am, or the booze, or even the gambling.  I go for the unique experiences, amazing concerts, and cirque du soleil shows.  

So this trip I decided to surprise Jeff with the ultimate guy experience... and of course I had to join in as well! Sitting in the passenger side of the car, blindfolded, he joked about me taking him out into the middle of the desert to kill him. Yes, we drove about 30 minutes to North Las Vegas, but not to leave him for the vultures. But for the ultimate NASCAR experience. Time to put his driving skills to the test! The smily that spread across his face was unforgettable and didn't leave his face for at least two days.  

At the Las Vegas Motor Speedway there are several options for those looking for some thrill. We opted to drive in the oval and go full NASCAR. You can take a thirty minute drivers course and then be the actual driver and race another car, or you can sit back and enjoy the ride being a passenger. Can you guess who did which option?? Topping out at speeds up to 175 this is quite the thrill, and it amazed you how smooth these cars are too!

So if you're looking for something different to do in Las Vegas, and have a need for speed, check out Richard Petty's Driving Experience at the  Las Vegas Motor Speedway for an unforgettable afternoon!

Your Las Vegas vacation wouldn't be complete if you didn't visit the famous Las Vegas sign! Don't bother waiting in line for a picture, just cheat and go off to the side. ;) Have fun and remember, drive carefully!!