Another day stop on our cruise was Mykonos. I wish it was a week stop! First thing off the boat we went for gyros and holy smokes they were SOOOOOO good! I still crave them to this day.  We opted to explore this island by foot for the day and met some really cool locals along the way.  My favorite was this cute old man.  I have no clue what he was playing but I decided to sit and listen, then I decided to start dancing that the smile on his face was priceless! He started getting more into his music and stood up next to me while I was twirling in circles and dancing about. The views were unreal. The Mediterranean Sea is beautiful. I was taken back by the crisp white buildings and the blue blue sea. It feels like you're in a dream! Mykonos was pretty windy, hence the windmills so we opted to just take a dip into the sea instead of a full on swim, but I'd 100% recommend visiting this place! 

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