Oh Paris. 

This was my second time visiting Paris. The first was in 2011 and was my first international trip. Both times I've flown to Paris I have watched Taken (unintentionally) a week or so before and both times I have traveled alone later to meet up with family. When will I learn?!

This time we had my cousins along which totaled us to 16 people! It was hectic to say the least!! We came out to walk through the Paris, France LDS temple before it was dedicated and although small, it is a beautiful temple-- I mean breathtaking!! I love all the accordions playing in the streets and the smell of fresh crepes and nutella.. Seriously the best thing about Paris other than the Eiffel Tower. I could sit in front of that thing for hours!

Not all trips go according to plan and with my trip being extended a couple days I ventured into the city alone to get some dinner and see the Louvre and Eiffel Tower at night. Well, thinking I knew where I was going I missed my stop on the subway and came out at the new arc and not the Arc de Triumph. Upon leaving the station my ticket was now invalid and before I knew it I was surrounded by french cops trying to explain to me in broken english I had to pay the fee to get out. Frantic because I was unsure if my cards would work I started back down to the subways to figure out where I went wrong. Big Mistake! 2 police stood in front of me threatening me to take me to jail if I got back on the train because I didn't pay the fine. I was confused and scared so with a prayer that my card would work I gave in and paid the fine. They let me out of the station and with tears in my eyes I went outside to see where I was, call my mom, and regroup. Then defeated and it now being 10 at night, I grabbed food and decided to go with my original plan. I arrived to the Lourve to see it dark and the Eiffel Tower barely glowing. Jokes on me this time around. Finally I got back on the train to head to my hotel by the airport which was an hour away. Once I arrived to my stop the shuttles were done for the night and I had to pay a hefty Uber to get me to my hotel.

Not the memory I wanted to leave Paris on, but funny now that I am home safe!

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