DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Adventuring in Puerto Plata


I've never been to the Caribbean before and certainly didn't expect my first visit to be to the northern side of the Dominican Republic, but boy am I glad it was! As we hopped off the plane and made our way to customs, steel drums and island jams could be heard. You can't help but smile! Welcome to vacation life! 

While following one of my favorite travel deal sites, Travel Pirates, I decided to be brave and put these deals to the test and book a pricing mistake at a resort. I have to admit the thrill of not really knowing if it was going to work out or not was a bit exciting and terrifying, but rest assure it all worked out and we couldn't help but smile and laugh the entire week at the insane deal we got! Thanks to Travel Pirates finding the pricing mistake, we were able to stay at The Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort and Spa which is a small all inclusive resort within a vacation home area for $145 for the week.... TOTAL.... for both of us!

I'll wait while you pick your jaw up off the floor.

We figured it might be a little bit of a dumpy resort because of the pricing mistake, but it was actually a really nice resort! With several buffets, restaurants, pools, a casino, outdoor recreation, secluded beach, welcome party, activities, and off property excursions it was an amazing place with such friendly staff and we felt like royalty for getting the steal of a deal we did.

The Dominican Republic is an extremely humble country with the nicest people. We were able to get out and explore the country side in terracross buggies one day and went hiking up a mountain, in the jungle to see 27 waterfalls which we then jumped off of or slid down to get back to the base. It was by far the most amazing thing we did and I highly suggest it to anyone visiting Puerto Plata!